About the company

SAMRAPH GLOBAL CONSULTS LTD (RC:1415932) is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Nigeria. The company is a registered human capital development and capacity building entity, made up of a collection of experienced individuals in various fields of human resource and institutional development.

It carries out Consultancy services for both public and private organizations with a view to enhancing the capacity and capability of their workforce. In these connections, it has been engaged in rendering its expertise in shaping legislations and policies at National and Sub-national levels.

In its pool of resource persons are professors in various fields, experienced serving and former public office holders particularly in the Legislature and Legislative practices, processes, customs, conventions and procedures. We also engage technocrats particularly in Management and Political Economy who expose our clients to international best practices in term of aligning government policies, economic models with appropriate legislations.

we have facilitated training programmes for some Committees of the National Assembly e.g. Special Ad-Hoc committee on Constitution Amendment, Civil Societies and Donor Agencies, Committee on The 517 Billion Stolen from Undeclared Crude Oil and Liquefied Natural Gas, Agencies of government such as PPPRA, Ministry of Justice, Infrastructure Concession and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) and partnered with the National Institute of Legislative Studies (NILS) to carry out induction programmes for newly elected National Assembly members (2015).

We have also been engaged with political parties round table for the development of blueprint for engendering a virile economy and enhancing good governance among others.

Local Government administration is a vital component of grassroot development. We have also been engaged in training of Local Government Administrators in the art of effective governance and service delivery at the grassroots level. It is the policy of the Company to develop programmes suitable for it clients felt need and the prevailing socio-political and economic circumstances.

Our training programmes are designed in modules put together in packages for participants to take away after the training for future references.