Governance & Development Consultants

Registered Human Capital Development And Capacity Building Entity

Engaged with political parties round table for the development of blueprint for engendering a virile economy and enhancing good governance among others.

Provides Consultancy Services For Both Public And Private Organizations

About the company

SAMRAPH GLOBAL CONSULTS LTD (RC:1415932) is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Nigeria. The company is a registered human capital development and capacity building entity, made up of a collection of experienced individuals in various fields of human resource and institutional development.

It carries out Consultancy services for both public and private organizations with a view to enhancing the capacity and capability of their workforce. In these connections, it has been engaged in rendering its expertise in shaping legislations and policies at National and Sub-national levels.

Capacity Building of State Assemblies Members

The Legislature is an important organ in a democratic governance. In Nigeria, even though this fact has become acceptable, there has however been the absence of a productive synergy between the legislature and other organs of government especially the executive. The perception of the Legislature as an appendage of the Executive branch of government, does not address the significant role the Legislature can play in engendering a robust and productive governance system.

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